What is a B flat (Bb of B-flat) trumpet

What is a B flat (Bb of B-flat) trumpet?

A B flat (Bb of B-flat) trumpet is a trumpet with a total tube length of about 1.30 m. It is by far the most widely used trumpet. When you start playing trumpet, you start on a B-flat trumpet.

Where does the name Bb of B-flat come from?

A trumpet with a tube length of about 1.30 produces a certain pitch when you play it. Large instruments sound low and small instruments sound high. And a B-flat trumpet has a basic tone (natural tone with no valves pressed) that sounds the same as the note B-flat on the piano. B-flat is a lowered note B by an halfnote. So it's a flat B. In the European music language a "Flat" is called " Bemol" . The abbreviation is a small b. So "Bb" means "B-bemol" means "B-Flat"

Why do most people play the B flat or Bb trumpet?

The ratio of the length to the conical area of the tube is called the mensuration. A trumpet consists of a largely cylindrical part and at the end is the bell (a conical part). With a B-flat trumpet, this ratio is such that you can play the trumpet with relatively little resistance. Thus, it is the most light-playing trumpet of the trumpet family. Ideal for starters and amateur musicians. But most professionals also play B-Flat trumpets. Because practiced players can manipulate the sound very well (that's called "coloring"). In jazz music, for example, you like to do that and make your own personal version of a piece of music. In classical orchestras you are looking for a clearer and more objective/tighter/businesslike trumpet sound, which works better with the C-trumpet.

What is the difference in the color (copper/silver) of the trumpet?

Trumpets belong to the brass instruments, and are actually made of brass (an alloy of about 2/3 copper and 1/3 zinc). Brass is also called yellow brass. Most trumpets are transparent lacquered and thus look yellowish. There are also silver-plated trumpets, where a layer of silver has been applied to the brass tube by electrolysis. Silver trumpets usually have a brighter sound. Until recently, those were the only two options, lacquered or silver-plated. But nowadays you also see many matte trumpets, gold-plated trumpets or trumpets in all kinds of colors.

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