What is a pocket trumpet

What is a pocket trumpet?

A pocket trumpet is a B-flat trumpet whose tube is more rolled up around the valve housing. This makes it a compact shape.

What is the difference between a pocket trumpet and a piccolo trumpet?

A pocket trumpet, just like the Bb-trumpet, has a tube length of around 1.30 m. And therefore also sounds about the same. The tube length of a piccolo trumpet is half shorter than the B-flat trumpet sounds one octave higher.

Is a pocket trumpet suitable for children?

A pocket trumpet is certainly suitable for children because the arms are not that strong yet and with a pocket trumpet you carry the weight of the trumpet (easily 1-2 kilos) quite close to your face. An ordinary B-flat trumpet is, in some cases, not recommended if the children cannot hold the trumpet properly because of its length and therefore start playing downwards. Then a cornet or a pocket trumpet is a better choice.

Is a pocket trumpet a good trumpet or a gimmick?

Nowadays the pocket trumpet is a good trumpet. There are different trumpet builders who wind the tube differently and experiment with different bell sizes. As a result, the tuning and timbre differs per builder. Nowadays there are pocket trumpets that tune well and play light. Of course there is always a price / quality difference, but as an instrument for starters for the first 2-3 years it is a good choice.

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